The Blue Cow Studios originally began operating under the name City Studios, more than 20 years ago, dubbing cartoons and soap operas, making broadcasts and musical productions, album recordings, mixing and mastering.

That’s because the place was well-equipped with modern audiovisual media, had the largest music production studio in Cyprus, and persistently maintained high standards in audio and video issues. It is no coincidence, that the artisits Stamatis Kraounakis, Mario Frangoulis, Hovig Demirjian, Nicolas Metaxas and Loucas Giorkas chose City Studios for the purposes of album productions.

In mid-2015, our team made up by Kristina Heracleous, Kanaris Georgallis and Yoryis Regginos, takes over City Studios and decides to rename it t Blue Cow Studios. And thus,our story began…

Taking into consideration the type of services offered in the past, we have now turned the newly formed Blue Cow Studios into a wide range provider, offering production services for a variety of broadcasts, TV shows, films, advertisements and photography sessions. In addition, we offer channel broadcasting services, by hosting channels such as «Cyprus Sports», as well as the VT&SP FILMFORWARD PRODUCTION LTD.

The innovative and modern technologies at our disposal as well as our experiences in television productions and more, place us at the forefront of providing substantial and specialized services. With the new infrastructure and design of space we can provide for up to 7 50-40 channel transmissions as well as other television – related services.

Our facilities


Twelve cameras used for the weekend Cytavision matches TV coverage. Available on weekdays for the purposes of any other production.


It features 5+1 HD cameras 1080P, to allow for coverage of racing, volleyball, basketball and various other events with very low costs because of its flexibility.

Channel Feeds

In a beautiful setting we are able to host 7-channel transmissions, and even more if necessary, with or without an operator, always according to your needs.


Our experienced staff can monitor and classify transmissions and provide commercial programming for ads and spot scrolls, as per the needs of each channel.

Virtual Studio

With TriCaster we can use 1-4 cameras to film, with or without a set or with virtual sets designed for you by our graphic designer. Alternatively, you can choose one of our ready-made sets and with the use of a green background behind your host or guests, you can have an innovative TV show.

Studio with sets

The 130 sq. m. Blue Cow Studios are of a high soundproofing standard allowing for the best sound quality. To that, we add up to 5 HD cameras, as well as enough sound channels, depending on the broadcast.

Promotional department

Our experienced advertising department, which is dedicated to the subject of television, offering services related to:

Cameras ENG

Panasonic P2 HD cameras for high quality and resolution, sound microphones and tripods for any remote broadcasting issue.


An important piece of technology available to us is the Live U, a small but very handy machine. Within this are placed four phone cards with 3G or 4G connection. The quality of the signal sent, is 1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 720p25/30, excellent quality for such television purposes, but also for emergencies or as a backup solution.

Uplink (S.N.G)

Satellite broadcasting from anywhere you need, in a very high resolution (sdi- embedded).

An important part of our services concerns the making of documentaries. One of our teams, with a vast experience in the field, exclusively specializes in the making of short and feature films, by undertaking the production from the beginning to the end.

We can also provide office spaces for rental purposes, as per the Channel’s requirements, as well as a conference room, to use whenever needed. If you already cooperate with the Blue Cow Studios, this service is provided free of charge.

At the same time, we can cover your basic needs such as:

If you are interested in any of our above services, we would be more than happy to show you around our facilities and discuss a possible cooperation.

About Us
A fully equipped film and video production company, specializing in commercials, promotional videos, tv series and shows. At our workspace we also provide a photographic studio which is available as a space for hire. A fully equipped film and video production company, specializing in commercials, promotional videos, tv series and shows. At our workspace we also provide a photographic.
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